Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come

One of the greatest words I have every received was from a Pastor who once said, To have growth you must be willing to allow God to some things before He will add. Little did I know the impact of these words until I witness the power of God in my life and ministry. In other words God is always working things out for my good and he knows the thoughts and plans He has for me. God will take those who can face the tough times in life (divorce, abuse, financial, marriages, children, etc) and use you for His glory. Never complain about what is happening in your life, praise Him for using you to show you off in your circumstances. Opposition is an opportunity to take you to another level in God, it is the best season of your life, it is chance to show no matter what you face you trust in the provisions and power of God.

When God removes things, people, etc from your life, trust me when I tell you it for a greater plan and purpose. You do not have sit and wonder, speculate or even question why this is happening, all you have to do is begin to have praise and worship on your lips. For someone who is experiencing a season of transition please let me share with you the best is yet to come, matter of fact your breakthrough is right around the corner. You must decree, declare and shout unto your Lord with a voice of triumph your days ahead are the best. Confess you are healed, delivered, set-free in the Name of Jesus. In my next blog title, A Reason For The Season, I will share with you a blessing from God.

Kneeling In Order To Stand,
Pastor Ron D. Willis