Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rain Makers

Each time I attend the Pastors' and Leadership Conference hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes my ministry and church propels to another level. The conference transforms my leaders to the authentic call of not just a title but committing themselves to serve unconditionally. The intensity of this call stretches each one in various ways - it calls every leader to strive for excellence. God gives the Pastor the vision but the leadership is responsible for executing the vision. That is why it’s crucial for leaders to understand the vision, mission, and heart of the Pastor. Building a quality leadership team is vital to our ministry. It is so much more than filling a vacant position! I share with our leaders that their call is a great sacrifice because it's a mandate from God. I pray each day for our leaders because I know they will need to be equipped and empowered to face obstacles, criticism and attacks. The key to success in being a great leader calls for a life of prayer, fasting and devotion. Without these vital fundamentals it will be difficult for any leader to serve. Kneeling In Order to Stand,Pastor Ron Willis

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